Green Printing FAQ

Posted August 22nd, 2011 at 9:55 am.

This FAQ details the new Green Printing Initiative for public printers posted 8/22/11.

Documentation on releasing print jobs is available here:

How do I know how many printouts I have left in my quota?

Your quota of 1200 pages is translated into a dollar amount represented on your GoPrint screen.  At the beginning of the semester you will see a “courtesy balance” of sixty dollars ($60.00).

When you print a page in black-and-white, you will see your dollar amount reduce by five cents ($0.05).  If you print a 10 page paper single-sided in black-and-white, you will see your dollar amount reduce by fifty cents ($0.50).  If you have one dollar ($1.00) remaining, you can print 20 more single-sided black-and-white pages before you will be billed for any printing.

Your courtesy balance will be renewed one week prior to the start of each semester and at the beginning of the summer (for students on campus during the summer).

Any courtesy balance remaining at the end of the semester can not be carried over into the next.

More information (including screen shots) of what print quotas look like in GoPrint:

How does billing work?

Once you have used up your courtesy balance, you will need to click “next purse” to bill prints to your student account.  The amount deducted from this purse is displayed as “Balance”; this amount will be charged to your College account at the end of the semester.  If you do not use up your courtesy balance, you will not be billed for any printing.

Your courtesy balance will be renewed one week prior to the start of each semester.

Any courtesy balance remaining at the end of the semester can not be carried over into the next.

What if I’m a Haverford or Swarthmore student taking classes at Bryn Mawr?

Everyone taking classes at Bryn Mawr, including Haverford and Swarthmore students, has an account at Bryn Mawr that was created at the time of enrollment.  These accounts exist only during the semesters in which you are enrolled in classes, and are given the same courtesy balance as Bryn Mawr students.

If you exceed your quota, you will be billed by your College’s bursar at the end of the semester.

How does color printing work?

The quota of 1200 refers to black-and-white printing only.  Color prints are more expensive.

At the beginning of the semester you will see a courtesy balance of sixty dollars ($60.00).  If you print a single-sided page in color, you will see that amount reduce by fifty cents ($0.50).

If you deplete your courtesy balance, you will be billed fifty cents ($0.50) for each single-sided color print.

What if the printer jams or I print to the wrong printer?  Can I get a refund?

As you know from the 2010-2011 academic year, all jobs sent to public printers go into a GoPrint queue and must be released by you before they print.  You are responsible for verifying that you have sent the right document, the right number of copies, and that you have sent it to the printer you intended before you release the print job.  Your balance is not debited until you release the print job.  If you make a mistake, you can always remove a print job from the GoPrint queue before releasing it and before your balance is debited.

The quota of 1200 pages takes errors and minor technical difficulties (printed to the wrong printer, jams, etc.) into account.  The number of pages allotted was raised to include a modest buffer for printing accidents.  No refunds will be given.

You are also responsible for monitoring your quota on the GoPrint screen.  You will not be notified when you are about to exceed your quota.

Is there a difference between printing single- or double-sided?

We encourage you to print double-sided as often as possible to save paper.  Public printers are configured to print double-sided by default.  A single-sided printout counts as one print, a double-sided printout counts as two.

Printing double-sided saves you money!  As of 1/9/12, duplex (double-sided) costs have been reduced as follows:

  • Black-and-white: from ten cents ($0.10) to eight cents ($0.08)
  • Color:  from one dollar ($1.00) to 80 cents ($0.80)

I’m not taking classes at Bryn Mawr but I still need to print.  Can I?

If you require a visitor account, contact or visit the Help Desk.  Visitor account will have a print quota of 100  single-sided pages ($5.00).  Once this quota is depleted, no further prints may be made.

I’m a TA and I need to do a lot of printing for my job.  How does that fit in?

TA’s printing for academic reasons should contact their department for authorization to use departmental printers and copiers.

I’m part of a student organization and/or have leadership role on campus for which I need to print and make copies.  How can I do this without using my own quota?

The College’s photocopying vendor is Office Depot.  SGA has an account with Office Depot.

Members of SGA and of student organizations who receive budget funding through SGA, who need to print for SGA or their organization, can email to learn more about using SGA’s Office Depot account.

All departments have been issued a copy card for student use on their departmental printer/copier and also have accounts with Office Depot for duplication.

Students with non-SGA leadership roles (i.e. Peer Mentors, CDA’s, Customs People, HA’s, Dorm Presidents) may ask their sponsoring department for authorization to print to a departmental printer.  Any professional staff member from that department may contact the Help Desk to request this authorization.

I’m not sure all of these are my print jobs – is it possible I’m getting charged for someone else’s printing? 

Only if you don’t properly log out of a lab computer and someone else uses your account.  Always be sure to log out when you’re finished using a lab computer!

Do you have any tips for printing more economically? 

Will this affect the printing/copying I need to do on my departmental printer (Faculty & Staff)?

No.  The quota applies only to printing in public spaces – it does not apply to the use of departmental copiers.  It has been our experience over the past two years that no faculty or staff member has ever reached anywhere near 1200 copies per semester.

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