Email Filtering — Change Complete

Posted September 12th, 2012 at 8:23 pm.

We have now completed our anti-spam vendor switch.  In order to restore full email functionality and address heavy spam volumes as quickly as possible, we have put the new service in place as a “live pilot” — we have tested this product to the extent that we are able in this short timeline, but expect that we will need to modify our configuration as we identify any outstanding issues.   Please report any and all issues to the Help Desk (x7440,

  • no longer goes to the old Message Center, but to the new Quarantine location.
  • You will receive daily digest emails detailing the messages that have been quarantined.  These will look different, but serve the same purpose.
  • Please note that no individual settings or data were moved from the previous service — if you would like to add senders to either your “Safe” or “Blocked” sender list, go to
  • New!  Use the “Spam” button within Webmail to report spam messages.
  • Click here for information about using the new digest emails and quarantine Web page.
  • If you believe you need messages from the old quarantine, please contact the Help Desk if you require messages from your previous quarantine.  Please be as specific as possible. These messages are expected to be available until they expire (2 weeks after their arrival date), and can only be delivered to you if they can be located in your quarantine.  After September 26, no emails will remain in the old quarantine.

As of this writing, email addresses are not being blocked by any carriers and you should have no trouble sending mail to any address based on spam- or blocking-related issues.

We do expect to be adjusting both the incoming and outgoing filter over the coming days.  Please report issues promptly.

While the new service is a significant improvement, we still have the potential to have issues in the future if Bryn Mawr community members fall victim to email scams which allow their accounts to be used for spam production.  Please remember to keep your password private.

Amy Pearlman
Head of Support Services
Bryn Mawr College Information Services
Please direct all replies to this broadcast message to so that your message may be directed to the individual best suited to address your query.

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