2012 Web Site Design Refresh

Posted September 27th, 2012 at 2:52 pm.

The College Communications Office and IS’s Web Services have been working with Berkeley, Calif.-based firm Addis Creson to refresh the College’s website, making use of the color palettes and typography standards found in the College’s new visual identity style guide.

Some key facts about this refresh: 

  • This refresh is strictly cosmetic in nature– it does not affect the navigation, structure, or editing software used.
  • These changes only affect pages using the Bryn Mawr template. Non-template pages remain the same.
  • Blogs with a Bryn Mawr theme will be updated later.

You may find that a few minor tweaks are necessary after the refresh to keep your pages looking their best–there may be too much space after a header or misaligned bullet points, for example. We don’t anticipate major problems, given all of the work all of you have done with Web Services standardize and clean up pages in the last few years.

Please report any issues you do find using this error reporting form: https://brynmawr.wufoo.com/forms/website-error-report/[brynmawr.wufoo.com]

Tips to keep your pages looking great throughout future design changes:

  • Please do not indent or center text using spaces. This looks different on other displays (especially mobile devices with much smaller screens), and will look different if we change fonts.
  • Headings should be used in a hierarchical manner to help convey document structure. E.g. the largest headings should be used for page titles, smaller headings should be used for subsections. Please do not use headings for body text.

Refresh timeline: 
Thursday, September 27:
Any drafts you’re working on must be published to the server. Stop editing pages. We will delete all old lock files on this date, preventing old drafts from being published.

Friday, September 28:
Web Services team implements the new designs. Please do not edit pages today.

Monday, October 1:
Start looking over your pages to identify any problems. You may now edit pages, but you must first download new copies of pages from the web server (Contribute automatically does this for you). You cannot use copies that were stored on your own computer– these will reference the old design and break things.

Please contact help@brynmawr.edu with any other questions or comments.

Tracy Kellmer, Director of College Communications
Vince Patone, Web Services Manager
Juliana Perry, Web Services Project Manager

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