Follow-up: Spam and Email Delivery issues (Aug and Sept)

Posted September 27th, 2012 at 3:22 pm.

On September 12, we completed our anti-spam vendor switch which immediately addressed the majority of the issues we were experiencing.  When we made the change we were immediately removed from “IP” based block lists, and most email began to flow normally.  Over the following few days, some individuals continued to experience occasional issues as Bryn Mawr worked its way off of “reputation” based filters and block lists (a process which takes time).

While we are continuing to adjust our settings, and are seeing the occasional fraudulent message, we are no longer receiving the volume of scam emails which were arriving on a daily basis, and to our knowledge our email is being received everywhere.

We have received some reports of an increased volume of “semi-legitimate” advertising emails.  Please recall that the previous system had 5 years to “learn” from us, and this one will need to do so as well.  If you do receive a message that you don’t want, use the Spam button within Webmail — this will move the message to your spam folder and send the message back to ProofPoint, our new anti-spam service.  You may have to report several messages from one source before the messages stop arriving — the sender’s “score” is increased incrementally in order to avoid false-positives.

Click here for information about using the new digest emails and quarantine Web page.

While the new service is a significant improvement, we still have the potential to have issues in the future if Bryn Mawr community members fall victim to email scams which allow their accounts to be used for spam production.  Please remember to keep your password private.

Please report any and all issues to the Help Desk (x7440,

Amy Pearlman
Head of Support Services
Bryn Mawr College Information Services

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