Sophos Anti-Virus Upgrade, November 9th

Posted November 6th, 2012 at 3:26 pm.

On November 9th, Information Services will be releasing a new version of Sophos AntiVirus for PCs and Macs.  This upgrade is necessary to keep Bryn Mawr computers safe from viruses and malware.

What will be affected:

All Bryn Mawr desktop and laptop computers, both Windows and Mac, will be affected.

What will happen:

After midnight on Thursday evening, in order to minimize impact on you, an attempt will be made by the central server to awaken your machine and install the upgrade.  This may mean that you will find your machine on in the morning, when it might usually be off — it will not be logged in and will remain locked.

It is possible that not all computers will be able to be “woken”, this is especially true of many laptops and some Macs.  Those that do not receive the upgrade overnight will adopt the upgrade automatically when they are next used provided the computer is connected to the Internet.  You may be forced to restart your computer as part of the update — please keep this in mind and be sure you have saved your work.

During the upgrade, Sophos clients on Bryn Mawr computers will display an “X” on the Sophos icon (in the Menu Bar for Macs, and in the System Tray near the clock for Windows). The Sophos client is the AntiVirus component installed on each computer, allowing for virus scanning and ensuring that each computer has the most updated protection. Computers will not receive new updates until the upgrade is complete.

Should you notice any problems, or should your computer not begin updating after the upgrade, please call the Help Desk promptly.

Is my computer protected?

Yes. You are still receiving updates until this upgrade.  The only risk occurs if your update fails, in which case, please follow the instructions below immediately.

What if my Sophos icon is missing/ stays with an “X” on it?

If a machine fails to update properly, users can force a reinstall by running the Sophos package under the respective Run Advertised Programs for PC or Mac. Run Advertised Programs can be located under Control Panel for PC’s and under Applications for Macs.

In a few cases, an extra restart of the computer has resolved this issue.

As always, please contact the Help Desk (x7440, if you have any questions or need assistance.

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