– Change to New System TOMORROW (Wed, Dec 5)

Posted December 4th, 2012 at 8:56 pm.

On Wednesday, December 5 at 5pm, we will be replacing our current password reset utility with an entirely new service. We expect that there will be a brief outage; when service is again available, the password site will look different. Please note: because this is a completely new system, you will need to set up new security questions.

Who is Affected?
All community members who use a College username and password, including faculty, staff, students, applicants, alumnae, trustees, affiliates and associates, emeritus professors and retirees, and former employees who use Bryn Mawr systems such as Webmail, Bryn Mawr College wireless, Virtual Bryn Mawr, Blogs, Moodle, etc. will be affected.

Why is this changing?
Some of you may be aware of an ongoing periodic issue with the password reset site where new users could not be enrolled. This means that new applicants and employees cannot reset passwords. Each time this has previously occurred, we were able to work with the vendor to restore full functionality. On this occasion, after many hours of troubleshooting, this issue has been deemed unresolvable by the vendor and they do not believe they can return us to regular functionality. In addition, the condition of the database prevents us from moving the security questions you may have previously set into a new system.

As we are quickly approaching this week’s early decision dates for the undergraduate programs, and with the knowledge that we could not continue with our current solution, we have chosen a new solution which will be put in place on Thursday. While it is typically our practice to announce any changes at least one week in advance, in this case more notice was not possible.

What do I need to do?
On or after Thursday morning, you will need to enroll in the new password changing site (still found at We recommend that you do this as soon as possible so that you will be enrolled already when you password is next due to change.

New documentation will be posted late tomorrow, and assistance with enrolling will be available from the Help Desk. More information will be available when the switch is complete.

Amy Pearlman
Head of Support Services
Bryn Mawr College Information Services

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