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Posted December 19th, 2012 at 11:11 am.

A number of our WordPress blogs for College news, events, and so forth (including this one) use a theme that looks like the Bryn Mawr website. For those who administer these blogs:

We’ve been using a few different themes and plugins to create a Bryn Mawr look for WordPress, and that these have become a little unwieldy over time, causing delays in updating the blogs during a redesign, confusion about how to update blog navigation, and other annoyances– these themes have served us pretty well, but we’ve outgrown them. We are happy to be transitioning to a new, unified theme (built by Philadelphia web firm Yikes) in early January that will make blog management and future redesigns much more efficient.

Some anticipated Frequently Asked Questions: 

What does this mean for me/my blog users?
You don’t need to do anything for the transition, and I don’t expect there to be any significant disruption for blog users. Things may look a bit odd for a few seconds while I am changing the theme and recreating your menus in it, but that’s all. If we find any new bugs while transitioning specific blogs, I will let you know and/or roll back to the old theme as needed.

What will be different?
Obviously, your blog will now have the same look as the Bryn Mawr website. Otherwise, it will look the same in terms of menu structure/buttons/etc. Your blog will also have the mobile-friendly, responsive styles our website uses. Behind the scenes, the navigation and contact information will all be controlled via one method (rather than several different ones), and you will be able to configure and reorder those things in the Dashboard. We were able to use the new WordPress menu features that were added during our last major upgrade to accomplish this.

How do I edit my menus and contact information later?
The menus will be accessible via Appearance->Menus.
Contact information is editable via Settings->Contact Us Info Box (some Bryn Mawr blogs already use this plugin).
I’ll be adding more specific documentation for this theme and its associated plugins to our Tech Documentation soon, but Web Services will also be happy to assist with changes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact .

Juliana Perry
Web Services Project Manager

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