Changes to site search Feb 1

Posted January 31st, 2013 at 10:15 am.

Beginning February 1, the site search (the search box at the top of every page) will use a new search tool. Google has discontinued support of their Google Mini Search Appliance product, which required us to switch to Google’s hosted Site Search product.

We do not anticipate any interruptions to site search capabilities, and although Site Search functions a bit differently, changes in search appearance and results should be minimal.

New search features we’re able to implement with this product:

  • Autocomplete- as you type your search, suggested possible searches will appear.
  • Additional options for matching and synonyms– if your office, department, event page, etc. is not appearing as expected in search results, we can do more to improve your results– let us know!

Having trouble finding something, or getting unexpected or irrelevant results? Please report problems with search using this form.

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