Maintenance Outage, Multiple Services — March 11, 5 pm-10:30pm

Posted February 26th, 2013 at 4:13 pm.

On March 11 at 5 pm, in order to perform required maintenance on our College data storage solution (SAN), the following services will be unavailable:

  • Email and Calendar (Webmail)
  • Network File Storage (H:, I:, J: and Q: drives)
  • Network printing (HP and Ricoh)
  • Copiers (Logins, Printing, Scanning)
  • Virtual Bryn Mawr/PeopleSoft (including PeopleSoft test and development systems)
  • Tri-Co Library Web Services
  • SPSS, AMOS, ArcView/ArcGIS, Contribute**
  • AxisTV Content Server (digital signs in Campus Center and Guild)
  • One Card Express Web Site (

We expect that other services, including the Bryn Mawr Web site, Moodle, Blogs, and Internet access to off-campus sites should be up and running, but parts of these services may be unexpectedly affected by this maintenance, especially if data is stored on the SAN drives.

Should you find that one or more of the listed services is accessible during the 5pm-10:30pm window, you should not plan to continue using it as these services should be expected to shut down more than once during this period and no warning will be given.

We suggest tying up your work well before the 5pm shutdown time to assure that everything is saved and closed before maintenance begins.

This time (an evening during Spring Break) was chosen to minimize the impact to the widest majority of our campus community and offices as possible.  This maintenance has previously been delayed based on community and operational needs, and is now overdue.

**These software packages are centrally licensed and their license servers will be unavailable.

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