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Posted April 2nd, 2013 at 11:26 am.

UPDATE 4/3/13: As of 12pm EDT we can display search results normally again. Google has corrected the problem.

UPDATE: Google’s hosted results page is functioning, so we are now displaying results for searches typed in the search box on a Google page, rather than within a page. We will return to the usual setup of results within a Bryn Mawr page as soon as Google resolves the issue.

The search box (in the upper right of all Bryn Mawr web pages) is currently not returning search results. As this is a hosted service provided by Google, we have reported the issue to them and are awaiting a response.

To search the site during this outage, you may use Google’s address for our custom search engine to get the same results you would using the search box.

You can also always use the search engine of your choice (,, etc) or the search box in your browser. If you add the parameter “” to your search, it will limit results to Bryn Mawr pages (for example, type “owls” to get Bryn Mawr pages about owls.

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