Adobe Contribute unavailable 10am-12pm Wednesday 4/17

Posted April 12th, 2013 at 4:22 pm.

We will be performing an upgrade of the Contribute keyserver on Wednesday, April 17. Contribute will be unavailable from 10am-12pm.

What you need to do: 
Please publish or save your work before 9:45am on Wednesday and exit Contribute. Please leave your computers on and logged in (lock your computer if you leave your desk!) during this time.

You should be able to resume using Contribute after 12pm, and you should not need to restart your computer or re-create any Contribute connections. Your drafts will be saved.

What this upgrade does:
Please note that this is not an upgrade of Contribute itself. The upgrade is to the server which administers software licenses for Contribute. Your computers will also receive an update so they can work with the new keyserver software.

We expect this upgrade to improve stability of the keyserver and eliminate the error many of you have experienced where it (incorrectly) says all licenses are in use.
Contribute will look and work the same after the upgrade, and no connection information or drafts will be lost.

If you’re not logged into your computer during the upgrade:
If you’re away from your office or otherwise not able to be logged in at this time, you will need to receive the upgrades to files on your computer before you can use Contribute again. If you have not received them, Contribute will display an error saying your application does not match the keyserver version.

If you do not automatically receive the updates the next time you log into your computer and still get an error:
Please contact the Help Desk at or x7440.

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