Technology Infrastructure Changes through August 15th

Posted July 12th, 2013 at 1:53 pm.

Between now and August 15th, Information Services will be making significant changes to the College’s technology infrastructure. While this work will not necessarily change the way community members interact with technology services on a daily basis, it is critical to maintaining a stable and up-to-date technology backbone to support the ongoing operations of the College.  Further work will continue throughout the year.

Several outages of varying length and impact will be required, the longest of which will be scheduled for the weekend of August 8th – 10th.  Updated as of 7/29/13:  the work originally scheduled for the weekend of August 8th was escalated and completed last week. 

IS is arranging and scoping this work to minimize the impact on the community and complete critical work as quickly as possible.  Outages of two or fewer hours occurring outside of business hours will be announced only on the IS Blog.  Anything more significant will be publicized via the IS Blog and email with as much notice as possible, though advance notice may be limited due to the sheer volume of work that needs to be accomplished.

So what exactly is going on?

IS is replacing and upgrading outdated systems and doing work to enable SEADS projects.  This includes:

SAN (Storage Area Network) Replacement

IS will replace our current SAN, which stores the College’s network files, email and major servers and services, with two new SANs. This redundancy will minimize the risk of data loss and downtime should one SAN become compromised.

VMWare Migration

IS will be migrating many core services to new processing hardware. Affected services include printing, copying and some software, Virtual Bryn Mawr (PeopleSoft), file servers, and email.  The new hardware has better support, is more dynamic, and will behave more consistently.

Network Core Transition

IS will replace the College’s network core, which enables interconnectivity between campus buildings and the College’s connection to the internet.  During this work all network services will be unavailable, except for a limited version of the College’s website.

Canaday Network Upgrade

IS will update Canaday’s network infrastructure by upgrading the network switch hardware and replacing copper wiring with fiber. This work should improve the speed and reliability of the network throughout the building.

Email and Calendar (Zimbra) Update

IS will migrate Email and Calendaring to new processing hardware this summer, and will update to the latest version of Zimbra 7 over fall break.  This will improve performance; minor interface differences will be visible.

Wireless Upgrade

IS will upgrade wireless software the weekend of August 9th.  Hardware upgrades will be scheduled for the fall; affected buildings will be communicated with directly.

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