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Posted August 5th, 2015 at 6:41 pm.

Some of you may be aware that Microsoft launched the newest version of Windows known as Windows 10 in late July.  Your home computer may even have been prompted to upgrade.  We wanted to answer a few common questions:

Will we be going to Windows 10?

Yes, we plan to move to 10.


While we’ve been testing the Windows 10 betas for a few months, we received access to the “real” version only on August 1.  It is also a commonly accepted practice in the IT world to wait a bit for the bugs to be worked out before moving.

We expect to be accepting requests from community members to move to Windows 10 as early adopters in January 2016.  Our plan is to begin having the campus move in earnest in late spring.  We will likely be moving to Office 2016 (for both Windows and Mac) at the same time, assuming they have been released and are stable.

Can I move earlier?

In short, no.  Your College computer will not offer you a self-install upgrade option until we have had the opportunity to prepare and test one.  If there is a specific and critical reason you feel you must have this sooner, please talk to us (, x7440).

What about the labs and classrooms?

This academic year, labs and classrooms maintained by LITS will remain Windows 7.  We expect to migrate them to Windows 10 next year.

Is Windows 10 better than that Windows 8 stuff?

We think so, and that is the common opinion around the IT world.  It’s not perfect, but it brings back some key features and offers some good enhancements both under the hood and in the interface.

Should I upgrade at home?

You may have noticed that Windows 10 “reserved” copies have been offered to your home computer over the last couple of months.  You may haven be one of the millions of people who have already been upgraded.  They will be providing Windows 10 free to personal computers for at least a year.

If you already upgraded, don’t worry.  It’s fine.  You may find the newly released Windows 10 a little bit buggy, and you will have to be patient until updates are available, but you should be functional.  You may even find your old computer got a bit speedier.

If you didn’t upgrade, we would suggest you wait a month or even a few until Microsoft has done a couple of rounds of updates.

Pretty much, the same deal if you are buying a new computer.  If you have the option, it might be worth waiting until Windows 10 solidifies a bit before buying, though we expect many students will be coming with it in September.

Where can I find info about what’s new?

Take a look at

And if you already upgraded, you might also try

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