macOS High Sierra (10.13) and Your College Computer

Posted September 25th, 2017 at 3:00 pm.

Apple is expected to release the newest version of macOS (no longer OS X!), macOS High Sierra (10.13), shortly with many new fixes (and almost no new features this time around). In keeping with recent practice, Apple has made the upgrade available from the Mac App Store free of charge.

At this time we are aware issues with this upgrade, however we have not yet have time to test the final release.
  • Sophos, our endpoint protection (anti-virus, anti-malware) service, does not yet have a High Sierra-capable version.
  • There are several performance and compatibility issues with the new Apple file system.
  • Security updates continue for 10.12, and 10.13 offers mostly back-end re-engineering rather than new features.  There’s little binding reason for an immediate upgrade.
  • Note that Apple cloud storage (iCloud Drive) is not compliant with FERPA and other privacy regulations and the College has no agreement with Apple in regards to storage.  Please see the Data Handling Policy for more information.
  • As in the past, some features, especially those designed for use on a home network, may not work on campus and/or with your College machine.
While we support those who prefer to be early adopters, historically Apple releases have had some issues in the early days of the release, especially for enterprise users.  If you do perform this upgrade and encounter issues, our only option at this time would be to install a previous version of OS X on your machine (taking a bare minimum of several hours — you would be without your computer 1-2 days) causing considerable inconvenience to you and extra effort on the part of a technician.

Within several weeks, we expect to have gotten through any major barriers and will be able to start offering and supporting High Sierra.  At that time, we also expect to recommend that those who wish to undertake a self-install upgrade go ahead and do so.

Along with this release, we will be recommending that people running a version of macOS (or OS X) previous to 10.12 Sierra to upgrade to a newer macOS version.

Please note that adopting this update for personally-owned home computers is at your option — the update has several excellent changes.

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