Windows Users: Microsoft ending support for old IE versions TODAY

Posted January 12th, 2016 at 12:03 pm.

As of today, Tuesday January 12, Microsoft has declared an end-of-life to all versions of Internet Explorer previous to IE 11.  This means that there will be no further security updates to these versions and Microsoft does not recommend their use.

If you regularly say yes to your Windows Updates, you are likely using version 11 already.  However, you will want to be sure.  Go to to check your version; if you are using an older version you will be prompted to install a newer one.

If you are using a College Windows computer and believe that you require an older version to work with particular vendors, agencies, or required sites, please call the Help Desk — we’ll want you to meet with a tech and see if these issues can be worked through.  Microsoft provides a number of tools which should allow you to use these sites in IE 11.  We would also recommend that you urge these partners to consider this change and update sites to be compatible with modern browsers and security standards.  Please be aware that in the meantime, older versions of IE will begin to notify you that you are using an out of date version.

Historically, Microsoft has not scheduled and enforced end-of-life on browsers.  In 2014, Microsoft was still supporting browsers back to IE 6 and decided to put browsers on a regular schedule. Today is the first end-of-life date which encompasses all versions of IE previous to 11.

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