Email & Calendar in Office 365

Posted June 2nd, 2016 at 4:56 pm.

We hope you’ve been able to take a bit of time to familiarize yourself with Office 365 for email and calendar. Our 5/22 launch was successful, and we’re writing today to remind you of our support resources and learning opportunities, and also to update you with answers to a few frequently asked questions:

We’ve all been busy acclimating to the Office 365 environment. While there are no widespread issues, the LITS team is continuing to work through a few problems affecting individuals and small groups. A few reminders:

  • Exceptions to recurring meetings did not consistently migrate. In some cases, series did not correctly migrate, causing the sender to have a copy that is no longer connected to invitations received, and recipients are not able to update their own calendar when changes are made. The best solution we can recommend at this time is for senders and recipients both to delete and re-create any suspect meetings.
  • It can take some time for changes to settings, shares, etc. to take effect in the cloud. Usually this is a few minutes, but could occasionally be up to half an hour.  Wait a few minutes and check again or try logging out and in again.
  • Microsoft refers to Office 365 as an “Evergreen Service”. Menus, features, and the service’s overall appearance will gradually change and improve; these changes are often unannounced. Documentation and other resources may not exactly match your current experience.

Learning Resources and Help

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