October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Posted October 3rd, 2016 at 8:59 am.

Today marks the beginning of BMC’s observance of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, an annual campaign to raise awareness of the importance of cybersecurity and to increase our resilience against the threat of cyber attacks. LITS has a number of ways to help you learn how to stay safe online and protect your friends, family, colleagues, and yourselves from cyber attacks this month and beyond!

Send an InfoSec Candy Gram: Share a personalized cyber security-themed postcard with your friends and colleagues along with a sweet treat! LITS staff will be in the Campus Center to help make it happen on the dates and times below:

  • Monday, 10/3 from 11am-1pm
  • Wednesday, 10/5 from 11am-1pm

Re-launch of BMC Information Security Education Program: Information Security is a shared responsibility, as each community member’s behavior affects us all. The BMC InfoSec Ed program provides an opportunity for all BMC community members to learn best practices and tips for keeping the College’s and our personal sensitive information secure. The program consists of viewing a series of short videos focusing on relevant InfoSec topics and completing a short self-assessment to allow you to self-evaluate your understanding. The program launches on Monday, 10/17, so keep an eye on your inbox and the LITS Blog for detailed instructions on how to access and complete the materials!

Learn via LITS Social Media: Throughout this month, LITS social media accounts will be posting Information Security-related tips, resources, and fun facts. Like and follow us to make sure you don’t miss a post!

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Other Opportunities:

  • Register for a free EDUCAUSE Live! webinar on Tuesday, October 11th, 1-2pm: Top Attack Techniques, Top Human Risks, and How to Create a Cyberaware Culture with Johannes Ullrich and Lance Spitzner.
  • Visit the EDUCAUSE Review Security Matters column frequently — new blog posts on the 5 NCSAM themes will be available each week.
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