Midway point for BMC InfoSec Education Program – Please help the College reach 100% participation!

Posted October 17th, 2017 at 4:34 pm.

Sent to students, faculty and staff 11/17/17:

Dear Colleagues,

The College’s network is attacked thousands of times per second, and our robust technological safeguards protect the network and individual community members from many of these threats. However, even the strongest technological defense would be insufficient if we did not also prepare our community members to recognize, prevent, and respond to information security threats. Information security is a responsibility we all share, and each community member’s actions affect us all. For this reason, annual participation in the College’s Information Security Education Program is required for all of us who hold Bryn Mawr credentials – it’s not a failsafe, and it may feel remedial in moments, but it’s part of our individual and collective due diligence as the nature of common threats continues to evolve.

The attackers targeting our resources, sensitive data, and community members are constantly adapting to our risk mitigation measures, and their attacks grow in complexity and frequency each year. These criminals will not just attempt to “hack” into your computer from afar; they will contact you directly via email, phone call, text message, or other means to manipulate you into exposing sensitive data; they will intercept data you send over unsecured wireless networks; they will steal your devices, look over your shoulder at your screen, or jump on the public or classroom computer to piggyback on your login. The consequences of just one successful attack could cause very deep and far-reaching financial, operational, and reputational damage to you, your friends and colleagues, and the College. Individuals are vulnerable to personal, academic, and professional impact from these evolving and persistent threats, and we need to reduce the number of community members who are falling prey to these often sophisticated attacks.

The College’s Information Security Education Program provides an opportunity for all BMC community members to learn best practices and tips for keeping the College’s and our personal sensitive information secure and for minimizing risks to friends’ and colleagues’ information. The program is designed to provide you with skills and knowledge to help you safely navigate these threats; the program consists of viewing a series of short videos focusing on relevant InfoSec topics and completing an online assessment activity to allow you to self-evaluate your understanding and then focus attention on facets of information stewardship that are less obvious or familiar.

The project launched at the start of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and all of us are responsible for completing the program by 11/1. Participating actively in the annual information security awareness and education programs is one of the simplest and most valuable steps we can each take for ourselves and for the College community. Thank you for doing your part!

If you have questions about accessing or navigating the program, please contact the Help Desk at help@brynmawr.edu or x7440. Please direct any questions regarding what you’re responsible for completing to your supervisor.

All my best,

Gina M. Siesing, Ph.D.
Chief Information Officer &
Constance A. Jones Director of Libraries
Bryn Mawr College
101 N. Merion Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
Tel: 610-526-5270

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