Accelerate your Communications with Skype for Business’ Instant Messaging (IM)

Posted February 19th, 2018 at 8:21 am.

Skype for Business’ instant message (IM) feature is a speedy way to connect with colleagues or classmates for interactive conversations. In this Spotlight, you’ll be introduced to IMs and some of the peripheral features that enhance or impact your IM experience.

With IMs, you can:

  • Chat with individuals or groups
  • Send a file
  • Initiate other Skype for business features such as audio or video calls, screen sharing, co-authoring of Office Online files, and more right from the IM window. Note: At the time of this post, not all collaborative features are available across platforms.

By default, your availability status in Skype for Business is “Available.” If you’re busy and don’t want people bothering you with IMs, you can set your status to “Busy” or “Do Not Disturb.” Skype for Business will automatically set your status to “Busy” if your Outlook calendar shows that you’re in a meeting.

Check out these instructions on Microsoft’s website to learn how to start an IM conversation with one person or a group of people, respond to an incoming message alert, and manually change your availability status.

Using the Outlook Web App? View these instructions on Microsoft’s website to learn how to send IMs right from your browser! You can also send and receive Instant Messages from the Skype for Business mobile app on Android and iOS.

Lastly, if you’re afraid that the recipient will miss your IM and your message will be lost forever, worry not! If the recipient was unavailable when you sent the message, they will receive the message through email as a missed conversation.

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