Warning: New Phishing Attempts

Posted February 19th, 2018 at 12:22 pm.

Please be aware of recent attempts to gather login, password, and other secure personal or College data from Bryn Mawr College community members.

Be on the lookout for messages that warn you that your account has been compromised and needs to be updated. In some cases, a follow-up message with greater urgency has been sent as well. This is a scam. Examples include (click image to enlarge):

screenshot of phishing email

screenshot of phishing email

Do not click links or respond in any way. Delete the message or report it as Phishing in the Outlook Web App. If you believe you’ve given your information to a phisher, immediately change your password and contact the Help Desk.

Email scams come in many forms. While we work to keep you informed, attacks are increasingly diverse and sophisticated. It’s not possible for us to warn you of every message before you see it. Be cautious and suspicious. If you ever have a question or suspicion, the Help Desk is pleased to help verify messages.

Learn how to recognize scams by completing the Information Security Education Program: http://lits.blogs.brynmawr.edu/7927

For more information:

Contact the Help Desk with questions: help@brynmawr.edu, 610-526-7440, or lits.brynmawr.edu.

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