Update: Problems with Tripod Library Catalog

Posted January 14th, 2019 at 2:45 am.

Updated 1/14/19 at 2:45pm: As you learned last week, there have been problems with links to electronic resources in the new Tripod that the vendor, Ex Libris, expects to fix this week. As soon as anything changes, we will update the banner on the Tripod page.

Apart from this particular problem, a migration of this magnitude has meant that users may experience other problems locating books or other materials, and we’re still learning what they are. We encourage everyone to submit problems or questions through the Tripod feedback form (your question may alert the TriCo Libraries to a problem we didn’t know about). You can also contact Bryn Mawr librarians by sending an email to library@brynmawr.edu, or emailing any of us directly (see https://www.brynmawr.edu/lits/library-help). We’ll answer you if we can, or direct your question to the right person.

You can always directly access many of our electronic resources, including databases and journal, e-book, and streaming video packages, from the Databases A-Z list.

This past weekend, physical items in Tripod, the Tri-College library catalog, were not discoverable. That problem affected many customers beyond the TriCo, and has now been fixed.

However, a second problem unique to the TriCo has been identified. Some electronic resources are lacking full-text access links when they should be available. Re-syncing the back-end index and the front-end discovery layer (Tripod) will address some of the problems, but patrons may continue to experience issues (because the underlying issues are still not fully understood by the vendor).

The vendor, Ex Libris, has indicated that the re-sync is a time-intensive job that might not be able to be completed before next week. The TriCo libraries are advocating strongly for an expedited resolution. Because Ex Libris is not certain that the re-sync will resolve the electronic resource problems, they are continuing to investigate all reported issues.

In the meantime, alternative access for most electronic resources can be found on the Database A-Z List. (A link to the Database A-Z List has been added to the Tripod homepage.)

Please continue to provide feedback, report issues, and ask questions through the feedback form.

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