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Posted February 21st, 2019 at 8:00 am.

Code42 logoLITS is pleased to announce that Code42 (formerly branded as CrashPlan) is now available for faculty and staff. This central backup solution provides community members with the ability to quickly and easily back up and restore files saved on their local hard drives.

To download and install, go to Software Center on your College-owned Windows or Mac computer and look for Desktop Backup – Code42.

See Tech Docs for additional information on using Code42.

What is Code42?

Code42 is a desktop backup solution in use by many of our peers. It provides unlimited cloud storage for securely backing up files on multiple devices and self-service file restoration. It runs automatically without disrupting your work. You can even back up files selectively, if there are some you want to back up with Code42 and others you don’t.

Why should I use it?

Most of us save files to our local hard drives – either from time to time, or all the time. These files are vulnerable to a lost or stolen computer, a damaged hard drive, accidental deletion, or software corruption. Backup is also the best path of recovery from ransomware.

LITS is also rolling out hard disk encryption on College-owned computers. All windows computers with 19- stickers are already encrypted. All computers deployed in our upcoming 20- cycle will be encrypted as well.  Over the course of this year, LITS will be asking all community members to encrypt their 17-, 18-, and 19- computers.  Without individuals utilizing a solution like Code42, it is very difficult if not impossible for LITS to assist with restoring files saved to the hard drive of an encrypted computer. Backing up your College-owned computer with Code42 (before encrypting it, if possible) will add a layer of data recovery ease.

Basically, the combination of Code42 and encrypted machines provides a strong and user-friendly safety net for protecting College data.  We strongly encourage you to make use of these tools (and we’ll follow up soon with more information about encrypting your computer).

Contact the Help Desk with questions: or 610-626-7440.

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