Partially Resolved: Damaged Equipment and Network Outage in Taylor Hall

Posted July 17th, 2019 at 10:56 am.

Updated 7/19 9:25am

As of yesterday afternoon most issues directly impacting Taylor residents had been resolved. LITS is continuing to make repairs to equipment damaged by the storm. Please contact the Help Desk if you experience any problems with computers, printing, or network connectivity: or 610-526-7440.

Updated 7/17 11:50am

Last night’s storm has severely damaged network and other equipment in Taylor Hall. This is causing network connectivity problems in parts of Taylor.

Lightning strikes may have caused damage to some individuals’ computers as well – please contact us right away if you are experiencing problems.

LITS is working to make repairs as quickly as possible; some equipment needs to be replaced and could take a day or more to obtain. We will share updates with Taylor residents directly and on the LITS Blog as more information becomes available.

Contact the Help Desk with questions: or 610-526-7440.

Updated 7/17 11:30am

Damage from last night’s storm to network equipment in Taylor is much more severe than we initially thought. Extended work will be required to restore network connectivity. Downtime may need to continue until we can replace damaged equipment. We will post updates here.

Community members in Taylor are reporting significant network connectivity issues this morning. LITS will need to re-start network equipment in the building as soon as possible; for a short time you will not be able to connect to the network in Taylor.

Phone network equipment may need to be re-started in Taylor as well – we are working with our vendor to determine if this is required.

These issues are a result of damage from last night’s storm. It is possible that we will discover issues in other buildings on campus and may need to briefly disrupt connectivity in those as well.  We’ll share more information here as it becomes available.

Contact the Help Desk with any questions or to report problems: or 610-526-7440.

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