Introducing Studio 313

Posted August 29th, 2019 at 1:19 pm.

Do you need a quiet space to record video or audio? Come visit Studio 313, the new Web Recording Studio we are piloting on the 3rd floor of Canaday Library! The Studio is meant to assist faculty, students, and staff with producing web-ready video and audio recordings. While best suited for individual use, Studio 313 can accommodate up to three people if participating in a group collaboration. Examples of activities the Studio facilitates support include:  

·         Creating a video recording to save as a file or upload to the web 

·         Recording a video directly in Moodle or Tegrity to add to a course site or assignment  

·         Recording a voice-over PowerPoint with audio and/or video 

·         Participating in a web conference or online interview  

To use Studio 313, visit the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor of Canaday and use your OneCard to check out the key to Room 313. There are instructions in the room, and online in the Studio 313: Recording a Video tech doc.

If you would like an in-person orientation to Studio 313 or tools audio and video recording, please schedule an appointment with Educational Technology Services
. If you encounter problems in the studio, please email to report them. 


Lastly, we would love your feedback! Please use this online survey or the paper surveys and suggestion box in the studio to let us know how Studio 313 worked for you and what we could do to improve it if we make it a permanent service.

Happy recording! 

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