Spring 2020 Course Shells Up in Moodle

Posted November 25th, 2019 at 5:46 pm.

Course shells are now available in Moodle for spring 2020 academic courses. As a reminder, course shells are visible to students by default during pre-registration so that instructors can make materials (old syllabi, course text lists, etc.) available to pre-registered students. If you would like to also make these materials available to interested students who have not yet registered (i.e., who are shopping), you can turn on guest access until registration closes. Instructors can temporarily hide course sections, activities and resources or temporarily hide entire courses to prevent registered students or guests from seeing them.

Changes for Spring 2020
  • Where are the blocks?
    • We have moved information about tech support, accessibility, and library and academic support into the menu bar at the top of the screen. These menus are an improvement over blocks as they are always available (even before login), work better on mobile devices (responsive design), and can be centrally edited so they are easier to keep up-to-date.
    • The McGraw-Hill AAIRS (Tegrity) block is missing from Spring 2020 courses because we will be migrating to a new lecture capture/video-streaming service called Panopto over winter break. Panopto is very similar to Tegrity (which is being discontinued) and used by Haverford and Swarthmore. We want to make the transition as seamless as possible, and will have lots of opportunities to learn and get help using Panopto in the new year (including hands-on help during the first week of classes). Stay tuned!
  • New ways to access Moodle support (see image below):
    • The top half of the Moodle 3.6 Support menu contains links to LITS tech and Moodle.org documentation (i.e., how-to guides), including a direct link to our log-in troubleshooting page, which walks through the most common log-in problems and how to solve them.
    • The bottom half contains links to our most commonly requested Moodle services:
      • Request a non-academic course – Use this link to request a non-academic Moodle site. (Academic courses that offered for credit are created by the Registrar in Bionic. Please see the Registrar’s website for more information.)
      • Copy old course into new – Use this link if you would like LITS to copy material from an older academic course into a new course shell (you will need to know the course number and term for both old and new courses.)
      • Merge course sections – Use this link if you want to us to create a merged course that includes students from multiple sections of a multi-section course.
      • Get Help – Use this link to request help on anything else Moodle related.

Screen shot of Moodle Support menu

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