Fall 2020 Course Shells are Now Available on New Moodle Site

Posted July 15th, 2020 at 3:57 pm.

The new Moodle site, which has course shells for fall 2020 academic courses, is now available at https://poodle.brynmawr.edu. (Note: that is “poodle” with a “p.”)

Please note that the new Moodle site is still a work-in-progress. We ask for your patience with functionality that is not yet working, in particular:

  • Currently only BMC data feeds are functional, so you will not see registered Haverford students in the course Participants lists and Haverford students cannot access the site. We are working with our Haverford colleagues to get Haverford data feeds working ASAP.
  • Panopto is still linked to our old Moodle site and that link is active use by summer courses. If you want to add Panopto videos to new Moodle, you will need to get a sharing link or embed code for the video (or folder where they are stored) and add it to your Moodle course manually. Set the access to Anyone with the link. We will relink Panopto to the new Moodle site when it is no longer needed for summer courses.
  • The new Moodle site is currently green. This is just temporary — the old and new sites look so similar that people were getting confused about where they were! We will change the site to blue once it becomes our primary Moodle site.

Guest Access for Students During Registration

  • As always you will need to turn guest access on to make courses visible to people who are not enrolled in them.
  • The Course Overview section of your Moodle Dashboard only shows courses you have been enrolled in.
  • To make it easier for students to find guest-accessible courses that they are not enrolled in, we have configured the Course Categories block at the bottom of the Dashboard so that everyone can see all courses on the site; however, you will only be able to enter a course if you are enrolled as a participant or it is guest-accessible.
  • Guest accessible courses are designated with an open padlock icon by the course title.

Remaining Upgrade Milestones

  • The old Moodle site will remain at https://moodle.brynmawr.edu while summer courses are still in session.
  • On Tuesday, August 18, the URL for the new Moodle site will change to moodle.brynmawr.edu. The old Moodle site will remain accessable, but the URL will change to moodlearchive.brynmawr.edu. We will send out alerts and reminders to all channels.
  • We will be documenting and advertising new Moodle features, such as collapsible topic sections, inline PDF grading, and Zoom integration over the coming weeks. We’ll post announcements about new features to the new Moodle site itself, and publish a digest of these via the LITS blog and other channels. Stay tuned!
  • If we set up a temporary fall 2020 for you on our old Moodle site, we will be migrating those courses to the new site over the next few days and email you when the migration of your course is complete.
  • We will be reaching out to people with Organization sites (e.g., Faculty Governance, SGA, etc.) to determine whether and when to migrate those sites from old to new Moodle.
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