Upgrade Your Zoom Apps to Access Feature Improvements

Zoom released a major update to its desktop and mobile client apps on December 21, 2020. Below are the changes that we think will be of greatest interest to College users; see Zoom’s Release Notes for a complete list.

You must update your Zoom desktop or mobile apps to the latest version to access these new features.

Improvements to reactions and hand-raising:

  • All reaction options, including emojis and the options that were on the Participants pane (e.g., yes, no, faster, slower), have been consolidated into a single Reactions menu in the meeting toolbar.
  • All reaction icons now show up in the Participants pane and on people’s Zoom windows.
  • Hosts now see a running count of each reaction type at the bottom of the Participants pane.
  • There is now a single Raise/Lower your hand toggle on the Reactions. Although now yellow, it behaves like the old “blue hand”: participants with “raised” hands appear at the top of the Participants pane in the order in which their hands were raised and the hand icon will remains visible until “Lower hand” is clicked.
  • Hosts and co-hosts can now raise and lower their hands

Other changes:

  • Meeting and webinar hosts can download the results of a poll immediately. (Previously poll results were only available after a meeting or webinar had ended.)

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