Freeing Up Zoom Cloud Storage Starting Monday March 8: Your Help Needed

Our College Zoom account is nearing our shared storage limit, and LITS will need to begin deleting old Zoom Cloud recordings to make way for new ones. As a reminder:

  • All Zoom Meetings recorded to the cloud are automatically uploaded to Panopto for longer-term storage and access. See Zoom-Panopto Integration for details and info on where to find your recordings. If you need help, please email us at
  • Please take a few minutes to go to and delete recordings you no longer need. (This is also a good practice from a privacy standpoint.)
  • Starting Monday, March 8, we will begin deleting the oldest recordings on Zoom Cloud. We will initially delete recordings made through 9/1/2020; however, within a few weeks we will need to begin deleting fall 2020 recordings as well in order to free up sufficient space for spring. Please note that the copies of these videos stored in Panopto will not be affected and will continue to be accessible.

Note: Zoom meetings recorded locally (i.e., to your computer’s hard drive) are not included in our Zoom account storage limits and will not be impacted. Local recordings are not automatically ingested by Panopto, owners of those recording can manually upload recordings to Panopto if desired.