Keep Calm and Caption On, Training Two: Using Captions on Zoom

Zoom now offers English-language ASR captioning and transcription for Bryn Mawr College accounts.

When you enter the meeting as a host, you will see the CC Live Transcript button on your main toolbar. Click on CC Live Transcript. In the menu that appears, go to the heading Live Transcript and click Enable Auto-Transcription. Now Zoom will start generating captioning for the meeting.

If participants want to view captions, they can click the CC Live Transcript button on their own toolbar. A menu with an option to Show Subtitles will appear. Participants should click this option to view subtitles. If they later decide they want to turn the subtitles off, they can come back to this menu and click Hide Subtitles.

To practice this week’s captioning skill, invite a friend on a Zoom call. Make sure you are joining the call under Bryn Mawr College’s Zoom account. As a host, practice enabling the captioning and have your friend practice turning captions on and off as a participant. After that, switch roles so you get to experience both ways of interacting with captioning on Zoom! Review this tech doc on Captioning in Zoom for details.

P. S.: Wondering what you should do if you need captions but the host hasn’t enabled them yet? Easy! Click on your CC Live Transcript button and a pop-up box will come up allowing you to send an anonymous request to the host to turn on captioning.

For more information about the Keep Calm and Caption On challenge, see