Keep Calm and Caption On, Training Three: Captioning in PowerPoint

Did you know you can caption your PowerPoint presentation live in almost 60 different languages? Not only does PowerPoint’s subtitle feature allow you to caption in the language you are speaking in, but also it has a feature that allows you to translate your speech into captions in another language. This is a great tool to use to provide support for multilingual audiences.

For this week’s training, read through this PowerPoint Captioning tech doc to learn how to use this amazing feature. Then practice creating captions on PowerPoint in the same language you are speaking in and in a different language than you are speaking in.

Please note: If you are presenting on Zoom, it’s advisable to use Zoom captioning rather than PowerPoint captioning so that participants can turn their captioning on and off at will. However, PowerPoint caption provides an excellent way to provide captions for in-person presentations.

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