Keep Calm and Caption On, Training Five: Captioning in Panopto

If you took an online class or recorded an online presentation, you might be familiar with Panopto, BMC’s video streaming platform. But did you know that Panopto automatically creates ASR captions for any video that is uploaded? Although this is a very helpful feature, keep in mind that ASR captions on Panopto are not always accurate due to sound quality and individual pronunciation. Also, videos get automatically captioned in English, so videos in other languages will still need to be captioned manually or edited. Luckily, it’s very easy to edit captions in Panopto.  

For this week’s training, review how to edit auto-generated captions on Panopto following this tech doc on Panopto Captioning.

If you are interested in creating captions in a language other than English, follow the instructions under the Edit Captions Outside of Panopto heading.

For more information about the Keep Calm and Caption On challenge, see