Keep Calm and Caption On, Training Seven: Making a Transcript

Creating a transcript for podcasts or videos that don’t support captioning is a great way to ensure access. While there are many paid services that can create a transcript for you, there are also free ways you can create a transcript yourself. 

Using Microsoft Word 

Follow the instructions for using the Microsoft Word Dictate Function.  Us the dictate function as you record your podcast. When finished, edit the Word document for errors. 

Using Google Docs 

Open up a new GoogleDoc. Click “Tools” and from that menu, select “Voice Typing.” When you’re ready to begin, click the microphone icon and begin to speak or play your podcast. GoogleDocs will record everything spoken. Later you will need to go back and edit the text for accuracy. 

Using Ava 

Open up the the Ava desktop app. Click the blue button that says “Start Captions Now.”  The app will listen for sound and then start captioning. Play your podcast or video. When you are done, click the exit button. A pop-up window will appear asking if you would like to save the transcript. Save the transcript and open it in the program of your choice. There, you can edit the transcript for accuracy. 

Using Otter AI 

Go to and click “sign up” to create an account. Once you have created an account, log in and click the blue Record button. Play your podcast. When you are finished, click the Stop button. Wait for a few minutes for your transcript to process. When the transcript is ready, click on it under Recent Activity. Once you’re in the transcript screen, click the three dots for the More options menu, and then click Export. From there, you can export the text and edit it in the program of your choice. 

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