Keep Calm and Caption On, Training Eight: Captioning a Conversation

So far, we’ve talked about captioning media and presentations, but did you know tools exist to help you caption in-person conversations as well? 

Ava was specifically built to help bridge the gap between hearing and Deaf/HOH people. In addition to its desktop closed caption feature that was reviewed in previous trainings, Ava captions one-on-one and group conversations through their phone, web, and desktop apps. 

Microsoft Translator was specifically built to help bridge the gap between speakers of different languages. Using this app, people can speak and read captions in their preferred language as the app captions it in real-time. 

For this week’s training, download the Ava app on your phone and review these instructions on how to caption one-one-one and group conversations with Ava. 

Next, download Microsoft Translator and read through these instructions on how to caption multilingual conversations with Microsoft Translator. 

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