Keep Calm and Caption On, Training Nine: Turning on Captioning When Watching Videos

When you are watching a movie with a group, captions are a great way to ensure everyone can access the film. Many DVDs and video streaming services offer captioning. 

For DVDs 

In the main menu, search for captioning. Sometimes it is located under Settings, Subtitles, Accessibility, or Language. Open the appropriate menu and make your selection. 

For Streaming Services 

When you click on a video or title you are interested in viewing, check the description setting to see if captioning is available. Generally, once you open a video, there will be an icon indicating captioning or subtitles in the corner of the screen. Click on that icon and make your selection to choose subtitles.  

Turn on the captions in Netflix 

Turn on the captions in Hulu 

Turn on the captions in Amazon Prime 

Turn on captions in Disney+  

To participate in this week’s training, watch your favorite show or movie and practice putting the captions on!

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