Guest Access Turned Off in Spring 2022 Moodle Courses

Now that the registration period has ended, we have turned guest access off for spring 2022 academic courses. Teachers can check whether guest access is on in their courses and re-enable or disable it as needed.

This process has three known side effects that we cannot prevent, but which can be fixed relatively easily:

  1. Some course content may have become hidden if you are using the Collapsible Topics course format. To fix this
  2. Change the Course format to Topics (click the gear icon (Actions menu), choose Edit Settings, click Course format and choose Topics, then click Save and Display).
  3. Then reset it back to Collapsible topics (click the gear icon (Actions menu), choose Edit Settings, click Course format and choose Collapsible topics, then click Save and Display).
  • Course full names will be reset to names created by Bionic. Click the gear icon (Actions menu) and choose Edit Settings to change the course full name.
  • Moodle creates an additional Announcements forum in your course.
    • To delete the ones you aren’t using, click Turn editing on, then click the Edit menu for that activity and choose Delete.
    • If you want to delete ALL of the Announcement forums in a course, you will also need to edit your course settings: click the gear icon (Actions menu), choose Edit Settings, click Appearance to expand that section, and set Number of announcements to 0. As long as this setting is greater than zero, Moodle will simply regenerate the last Announcement forum every time you delete it.

If you have any questions about these changes or need help fixing them, please contact the Help Desk (610-526-7440 or