Keep Calm and Check Accessibility Week 9: PDF Accessibility Step 1, Make Accessible

PDFs by their nature are not accessible. Whenever you can, it is best to use a Microsoft Word document instead of a PDF. However, in the case where a PDF is your only option, there are steps you can do to make it as accessible as possible.

Create an Accessible PDF from Scratch

The best way to create an accessible PDF is to create a Word document and then convert it to a PDF using the appropriate steps. If you realize there is an error in the PDF once you make it, it is best to then delete that PDF, go back to the original Word document, correct the error in Word, and then make a new PDF.

Make an Existing PDF Accessible

To make an existing PDF accessible you need to follow a two-part process.

  1. Run a PDF through the Make Accessible wizard.
  2. Check reading order.

For this week, read the Make PDFs Accessible with Adobe Acrobat tech doc and just focus on the first step of running the Make Accessible wizard. Next week we will practice reading order.

Once you are done reading the tech doc, head over to the Keep Calm and Check Accessibility Moodle page and complete the Week 9 activity to get this week’s clue.

PS: This is the last week to register to participate in this challenge! Register by April 15th in order to have treasure with your name on it hidden on campus for you to find!