Keep Calm and Check Accessibility Week 10: PDF Accessibility Step 2, Reading Order

Posted April 17th, 2022 at 11:55 pm.

Last week you learned how to run the Make Accessible wizard in Adobe to remediate an inaccessible PDF. This week we will be discussing the final part of the process in creating an accessible PDF: checking the Reading Order.

PDFs rely on tags to be accessible to screen readers. Tags indicate how a certain element of the PDF is programmed. For example, you must tag a header in a PDF as a header in order for screen readers to recognize it. Secondly, you must make sure that all the tags are in the proper order so that a screen reader or text to speech program can read out the elements in the right sequence.

To make sure the tags are correct and in the right order, follow the steps listed in this tech doc under the heading Manually Check for Logical Reading Order.

Next, head to the Keep Calm and Check Accessibility Moodle page and complete the Week 10 challenge in order to get the final clue.

If you have completed all of the activities this semester, you will have the full riddle once you finish the Week 10 challenge. The treasure is hidden on campus and ready for you to come and find! There is one prize for everyone who has registered, and each is prize is labeled by name. The treasure will be available until May 16th.  Please contact Grace Cipressi, if you are unable to find the treasure by that date.

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