Resolved: Major System Outage 11/4

Posted November 4th, 2015 at 10:10 am.

Updated 11/6 9:30am:

This issue is resolved. The outages we experienced on 11/4 were caused by a hardware failure (a switch on a set of virtual servers). Restarting the switch resolved the issue; we are in communication with the vendor to learn more about why the switch may have failed.

Please report any problems to the Help Desk.

Updated 11/4 10:15am:

This issue has been resolved and we believe all services to be available. Affected systems include email, printing, network file storage, and BIONIC.. At this time we know that the outage was tied to the College’s virtual (as opposed to physical) servers. We are continuing to investigate the root cause and will provide further information as we have it.

Please report any problems to the Help Desk.

We are currently experiencing a major system outage. Email, printing, and potentially several other systems are affected. LITS is working as quickly as possible to identify and fix the issue. We will update the LITS Blog with additional information as it becomes available.

Contact the Help Desk with questions, 610-526-7440.

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