Microsoft Office 365 Weekly Feature #1: Office Here, Office There, Office Everywhere!

Posted February 10th, 2016 at 12:42 pm.

Each Thursday for the next few months, LITS will be illuminating exciting features, improvements, and capabilities associated with the May transition to Microsoft Office 365 for email, calendar, and more. Watch the Campus Bulletin or LITS Blog for future weekly features!

This week, we focus on how Office Online editing (in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote Online), Office Professional Plus (the same version installed on your work computer) for up to 5 home computers, and Office for your iOS, Windows, or Android mobile devices will give you increased access to Microsoft’s productivity software and a more consistent experience across platforms and devices.

Office Online

In addition to delivering an improved email and calendar experience, Office 365 will enable all BMC Community members to use web-based versions of popular Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Office 365 allows you to create and edit documents within your browser, anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. Also, you’ll be able to share documents and work collaboratively online with multiple colleagues and classmates within the BMC community, Tri-co, and beyond. Files you work on in Office 365 apps will be securely saved to your OneDrive (cloud-based storage). While the online versions of these applications will not contain all of the features of the standard desktop versions, you’ll still be able to accomplish most common tasks in each application.

Office 2016 for Personal Devices at No Cost

For a more full-featured Office experience, current BMC community members will also be able to download the Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus suite on up to 5 personal computers at no cost, including the same desktop versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote that you will have on your College computer. LITS will begin transitioning all College-owned computers to Microsoft Office 2016 starting in May – keep your eyes open for more information.

Screenshot of download screen for Office 2016





Office for Phones and Tablets

For productivity and collaboration on the go, Office is available for smartphones and tablets. Signing into these applications with your BMC account will activate the “professional” features not offered by the free downloads, and allow you to securely save your files to your OneDrive (cloud-based storage) for later access. The mobile versions of Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote) have the same feature offerings of the Office 365 online tools, allowing you to accomplish many of the most common tasks.

Smooth and Consistent Experience Across Platforms and Devices

Started a document in Word Online but want to move to the desktop version of Word? Transitioning from the Office 365 app to the standard desktop version is just a click away. In the example below, clicking on Open in Word within Word Online will open your document in the desktop version of Word.

Office Online can open to desktop Word






Office 365 and its accompanying tools offer a consistent experience across Windows desktop and mobile, Mac OS X, iOS, Android and across a variety of popular browsers, allowing for a seamless transition between platforms and devices.

Screenshot of PowerPoint Online on Windows

PowerPoint Online (Windows)


Screenshot PowerPoint Online for Mac

PowerPoint Online (Mac)


Screenshot of PowerPoint Mobile for iOS

PowerPoint Mobile (iOS)


Screenshot of PowerPoint Mobile on Android

PowerPoint Mobile (Android)

Next week we’ll focus on storage space, including increased email storage quotas and cloud-based storage with OneDrive! Stay tuned for additional information and educational opportunities around BMC’s transition to Office 365.

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