LITS Staff, Students & Alumnae Hosting Community Day of Learning Sessions 2/23

Posted February 16th, 2016 at 10:38 am.

Library & Information Technology Services staff and student employees are excited to participate fully in the College’s second Community Day of Learning on February 23rd! A number of the day’s sessions have been planned by staff, students and alumnae associated with LITS, including:

  • Does class matter? How and Why? (formerly: Staff Perspectives and Experiences)
    Experience/Panel | Rod Matthews, Oliva Cardona, David Consiglio, Ann Marie McElwee, Richard Matthews, Bob Miller, Nancy Paparo | Location (TBA)
  • Women of Summer
    History/Film | Monica Mercado | Location (TBA)
  • Learning Outside Class: Staff-Student Mentoring
    Discussion/Panel | Chuck Heyduk, Vito Barbuto, members of Dining Services, Mina Brahimi (Housekeeping), staff members from LITS | Location (TBA)
  • Black at Bryn Mawr: Early Histories of Housekeeping
    History | Grace Pusey ’15 | Location (TBA)
  • Preserving Campus Histories and Activist Culture
    Workshop | Evan McGonagill ’10, Rachel Appel, Miranda Smith ’16 | Location (TBA)

Many thanks to our own Chris Boyland, Olivia Castello, Esther Chiang, Evan McGonagill, Monica Mercado and Jancy Munguia, all of whom contributed to the CDL Planning Committee, and to the staff and students at Carpenter who will keep the library open to host sessions throughout the day. Canaday and Collier will be closed until 4:00 p.m.

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