Office 365 Weekly Feature #3: Hello, Outlook Web App! And Everything is Connected!

Posted February 24th, 2016 at 4:10 pm.

The purpose of this week’s Office 365 feature is two-fold; first, you’ll get a brief tour of the sleek Outlook Web App for Business (Office 365’s professional email, calendar, address book, and task manager tool). Then, we’ll highlight the interconnected design of Office 365. In addition to robust email and calendar tools, Office 365 brings increased access to Microsoft Office productivity software, OneDrive cloud-storage, and more! When so many tools are at your disposal, finding what you need can often turn into an unplanned scavenger hunt. However, with Office 365’s modern, consistent, and customizable interface, you’ll spend less time searching and clicking around for the tools you need and more time getting things accomplished. Pivoting between tasks has never been easier.

Introduction to the Outlook Web App for Business

Outlook Web App? What’s that?

The Outlook Web App (OWA) for Business offers access to your Mail, Calendar, People, and Tasks from anywhere with an internet connection via your Web browser. You may be familiar with Microsoft Outlook, a desktop program mainly used for email and calendaring (or Exchange Server) – if you used these years ago, don’t be afraid, it has a whole new look. OWA is the modern, web-based version of the same product and provides a rich, mature feature set in a clean Web-based product that looks and acts the same in any major browser.

Outlook Web App Mail

The OWA offers a clean, intuitive, and feature-rich email experience with functions such as sharing mail folders, tools to help keep you and your inbox organized, and advanced search tools for quickly locating important items. Pin important messages to the top of your inbox, quickly delete unwanted messages with sweep, and even perform basic image editing. Read more about Mail.


Outlook Web App Calendar

The OWA provides a capable calendaring tool that will help keep you organized and ahead of Bryn Mawr time! Create and view multiple calendars, share calendars with others, and print dazzling calendars with ease. Swiftly create appointments as simple or detail-rich as you need and save them to the calendar of your choosing. You’ll even see a weather forecast directly in the Calendar! Read more about the Calendar.


Outlook Web App People (Contacts/Address Book)

People is the OWA contact management tool, allowing you to search and edit existing contacts and create new contacts and contact lists. Rather than arduously adding folks to a group email or calendar invitation one-by-one, contact lists in People makes this task a breeze. Read more about People.


Outlook Web App Tasks

Whether you’ve used Zimbra Tasks, other task management tools, or are completely new to organizing your to-dos with an online tool, OWA’s Tasks can help get your ducks in a straighter row. Create tasks, categorize them, and mark as complete. Go deeper by adding start and end dates, priority level, percent complete, and how much work was done for each task. Read more about Tasks.

Task Manager


Everything is Connected: Making Access to Tools Easy

Now that we’ve introduced the Outlook Web App and its four main components (Mail, Calendar, People, and Tasks), let’s explore how you’ll navigate to each tool as well as to other Office 365 apps and services.

The App Launcher

Office 365’s app launcher helps you to quickly and easily navigate to your Mail, Calendar, OneDrive, Office Online apps, and more with just 2 clicks (or taps). Across your Office 365 experience, the app launcher is a mainstay, reliably found in the upper-left hand corner to help you get to the tool you need, when you need it. Clicking on the app launcher icon (a tiny 3×3 tile grid) will display a menu of apps and services, each represented by tiles as shown in the screenshot below. Clicking on a tile will launch that app or service.

Composing an email and need to upload a file to OneDrive? Working in PowerPoint Online and realize you need to schedule a meeting with your team in Calendar? Wherever you need to go in Office 365, the app launcher will take you there (and fast!).


*Your app launcher may not contain all of the tiles shown here.



If the default app launcher layout doesn’t fit your workflow, it’s easy to modify to match your preferences. Hide, re-arrange, and re-size tiles in the app launcher to make your most frequently used apps front and center.

App launcher customized

*Customized app launcher


The Nav Bar

Are 2 clicks still too many? If you truly want to maximize efficiency, you can pin up to 3 frequently used apps of your choosing to the Office 365 nav bar, making them accessible within 1 click. The nav bar is located in the upper-right hand corner as shown in the screenshot below. Clicking on a tile on the nav bar will launch that app or service.




Pinning tiles to the nav bar is simple. Using the app launcher, clicking (or tapping) on the ellipsis (…) in the right-corner of a tile will open a menu from which you can pin the app to the nav bar. Don’t use an app anymore? No problem – you can always unpin apps from the nav bar.




Next Week

Next week, we’ll dive deeper into the Office 365 OWA Calendar, elaborating on the features and functionality that will help you become (or remain) a scheduling ninja. Stay tuned for additional information and educational opportunities around BMC’s transition to Office 365.




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