Office 365 Weekly Feature #4: OWA Calendar — Tools for Calendar Ninjas

Posted March 2nd, 2016 at 4:46 pm.

For this week’s Office 365 feature, we take a closer look at the Calendar tool within the Office 365 Outlook Web App for Business. The OWA provides a capable calendaring tool with a simple, clean, and responsive user interface; it offers features that will help keep the busiest bees’s calendars organized and navigable. In addition to the standard calendar functions you might use currently in Zimbra, the OWA Calendar has a number of nifty tricks up its sleeves; we’ll call your attention to a few of them below.

*this feature does not contain an exhaustive list of the OWA Calendar’s features. Stay tuned for additional information and announcements regarding educational opportunities.

Tools for Organizing Your Appointments


Categories is a tool in the OWA that helps you organize calendar appointments by tagging them with a color (similar to Zimbra’s tagging feature). This allows you to search your appointments to quickly locate all items falling under a particular category. The same categories can also be applied to emails and tasks!

Create your own categories for calendar

Create your own categories for calendar appointments, emails, and tasks.



Charms are icons you can apply to calendars and appointments as visual cues that help you quickly identify specific types of events. Applying a charm to a calendar will automatically apply that charm to all appointments in that calendar!

Screenshot of Charms in Office 365

Right-clicking on an appointment will let you choose a charm to apply.

What a View!

The OWA Calendar provides a variety of useful ways to look at your schedule, all easily accessed by clicking on any of the views in the upper-right hand corner.

Screenshot of OWA Calendar - views


Within the Day view, you can split the calendars to view each one in its own column.

Before the split

Before the split


After the split

After the split


Sharing Calendars

The OWA makes sharing calendars simple and intuitive. Whether you would like to provide a colleague with view-only privileges, full-on delegation permissions, or something in between, sharing calendars requires just a few clicks and keystrokes. Once you’ve shared a calendar, editing the permissions is also a painless process whether you want to increase, decrease, or remove permissions.

Read more about sharing calendars in the OWA.

On a related note, the OWA Calendar gives you the ability to add Internet calendars and BMC community members’ free/busy status to your calendar view!

Printing Calendars

The OWA offers significant improvements for folks who need to have a physical copy of a schedule. Calendars print beautifully in the OWA, and can be printed by day, week, work week, or month. You’ll have the option to print a detailed agenda along with the calendar; the Day view provides the option to leave room for notes!

Printing the week view

Printing the week view


Miscellaneous Calendar Goodies

Leave Your Umbrella at Home

Thinking about having a meeting outside tomorrow? Will you need to bring your galoshes? Before you send out the invite, check the 5-day weather forecast within the OWA Calendar.

It might be a bit too nippy to discuss the presentation outside today.

It might be a bit too nippy to discuss the presentation outside today.


Never Buy Another “Sorry I forgot your birthday!” Card

Choose to display birthday and holiday calendars that can be overlaid across your primary calendar. Add international holiday calendars, as well! Also, birthdays added to a contact in People will be added to your calendar.

Showing holidays on the OWA calendar


Next Week

Next week, we’ll be highlighting the improved mobile experience that Office 365 will bring, including better syncing, reliability, and flexibility! Stay tuned for additional information and educational opportunities around BMC’s transition to Office 365.

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