Office 365 Weekly Feature #7: OneDrive for Business: Oh, the Capabilities!

Posted March 31st, 2016 at 9:28 am.

For this week’s Office 365 feature, we put Microsoft 365’s OneDrive for Business under the microscope. We’ll be highlighting the professional cloud storage platform’s powerful and plentiful capabilities that will make it easier to access, share, and collaborate on files.

At its core, OneDrive for Business’ primary job is to provide a convenient and secure platform for storing and accessing files in the cloud. It performs this brilliantly, while also providing multifarious options for organizing, viewing, sharing, opening, and in some cases, editing your files within Office 365. To boot, OneDrive for Business enhances the functionality of Office 365’s email and calendar tools and the desktop versions of Microsoft Office.

To clarify, OneDrive for Business will not be replacing the College’s current network file storage (H: and S: drives). OneDrive may be a preferable storage solution for specific purposes (e.g. you need easy access to a file off-campus, you need to quickly share a file, you’ll be collaboratively editing a document).

So much storage pt. 2

We touched briefly on this in Feature # 2: More File Storage for All!, but to reiterate, all BMC community members will have access to 1 TB of storage through OneDrive for Business, with the ability to upload files as large as 10 GB.

Take in the views!

OneDrive gives you a variety of handy options for viewing and sorting your files. Quickly sort your OneDrive files by name, when they were modified, who modified them, file size, and in ascending or descending order.

OneDrive for Business - sorting









Also, view your files as a detailed list:

OneDrive for Business - list view


Or as tiles:

OneDrive for Business - Tile view

View a preview of a Word, PowerPoint, or Excel file within the information pane:

Preview of a Word doc within OneDrive for Business


For fans of folders

Create folders to keep your OneDrive better organized. Folders also function as a convenient way to share multiple files with only the people you choose.  Shared folders allow multiple people to access, add, and remove files from the folder.

View of folders

Sharing is caring

All files you store in OneDrive for Business are private until you decide to share them. OneDrive for Business offers a variety of ways to securely share files and folders with folks within the BMC community and beyond.

Give people editing or view-only access to the folder or file by sending them an invitation or a link. Sharing a file without requiring sign-in will allow you to share files and folders with friends and colleagues outside of BMC.


Various options for sharing files and folders

Various options for sharing files and folders




Easily view and edit who currently has access to a folder or file

Easily view who has access to a file or folder


Visit Microsoft’s website for more information about sharing documents and folders with OneDrive for Business.

Note: With great power comes great responsibility! LITS will encourage community members to be vigilant about what types of sharing permissions they grant to others.


Keeping N’Sync

You won’t have to log in to Office 365 from your web browser to access your OneDrive for Business files; with syncing, you’ll be able to access and upload your files right from your Windows’ or Mac’s desktop! More information on syncing will become available closer to launch.


Mobile availability

Your OneDrive files will also be available on mobile platforms via the OneDrive app. Access, upload, and share your files on the go!

Screenshot of OneDrive app on Android

OneDrive on Android
















Easily share files with people from the OneDrive mobile app.

Screenshot of sharing a file via the OneDrive app on Android

OneDrive on Android
















Who did what, and when did they do it?

When sharing and collaborating on files, version control and tracking changes can quickly become a challenge.  With OneDrive for Business, you can quickly view recent activity within the file or folder.

Viewing recent activity in OneDrive for Business











You can also view or restore previous versions of files in OneDrive for Business.

screenshot of restoring a previous version of a file in OneDrive for Business


Staying supported

Lastly, lost files from third-party tools such as Google Drive or Dropbox may not be recoverable. Files stored on OneDrive for Business will be routinely backed up. Also, since OneDrive for Business will be the College-supported cloud storage platform, support will be available; the same cannot be said for other third-party tools!

Next Week

Next week, we’ll be highlighting Office Online in-depth, showcasing the ability to create, edit, and collaboratively work on Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files all within your browser! Stay tuned for additional information and educational opportunities around BMC’s transition to Office 365.

In case you missed them, check out the previous weeks’ features below!

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