Office 365 Weekly Feature #8: Office Online

Posted April 7th, 2016 at 9:29 am.

For this week’s Office 365 feature, we’ll explore the benefits and functionality of Office Online in greater detail. With the College’s transition to Office 365 for email and calendar, all community members will also have access to Office Online, consisting of web-based versions of popular Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Office 365 offers the ability to create and edit documents within your browser, anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. Also, you’ll be able to share documents and work collaboratively online with multiple colleagues and classmates within the BMC community, Tri-co, and beyond. Files you work on in Office Online apps will be securely saved to your OneDrive. While the online versions of these applications will not contain all of the features of the standard desktop versions, you’ll still be able to accomplish most common tasks in each application.

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Introducing the Fab Four






With Office Online, you’ll have access to Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, and OneNote Online. Files created in Office Online are automatically saved to your OneDrive (and auto-save after any edits). In addition to being able to easily transition to working within the full-featured desktop versions of Office apps, you’ll also be able to download copies of the file in various formats and print directly from the web.

Want to know more? Below are links to pages on Microsoft’s website that describe the differences between the online and desktop experience for each of the applications:





Accessing Office Online

There are a number of ways to access Office Online apps.

Access the Office Online applications by clicking on the app launcher (Rubik’s cube)

picture of the office 365 app launcher









Click on an app’s icon in the nav bar (if you have it pinned there)

nav bar powerponit





Click on an app’s icon from the Office 365 Home Page

Office 365 home page









Open an existing Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote saved to OneDrive, or create a new one! (shown below)

Creating new file in OneDrive











Sharing and Collaborating

Office Online brings new and exciting options for file sharing and collaboration to the College Community, allowing you to create, edit, and review MS Office files with others to avoid tedious and time-consuming back-and-forth exchanges.

Share from an Office Online App

Share directly from an Office Online app by clicking on the Share button.

7 - share in excel highlighted



Send folks an invitation to the file or generate a link to send them. Grant others editing or view-only permissions as you please.

sharing options in excel online



Note: When sharing files with folks outside of the BMC community, not requiring sign-in will allow them to edit or view the file.

Share directly from OneDrive

You can also conveniently share MS Office files while working within OneDrive by sending an invitation or a link.

Sharing from OneDrive



Co-authoring in Real-time

With real-time co-authoring, users with editing permissions will be able to access and edit the documents, spreadsheets, presentations and notebooks simultaneously.

collaborative editing in word



Synergies with Office 2016 Desktop Applications

At times, you may need access to the more full-featured Office 2016 desktop apps. Transitioning from the Office Online app to the standard desktop version is just a click away. In the example below, clicking on Open in Word within Word Online will open your document in the desktop version of Word.

Switching to Office 2016 desktop apps




Introducing Excel surveys!

With Office 365, you can quickly create and distribute surveys with Excel Online.

Creating an excel survey










Excel will generate a unique URL to use for distributing your survey, and responses are compiled in an Excel workbook in your OneDrive.

Viewing survey results




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