Email & Calendar are Live on Office 365!

Posted May 21st, 2016 at 9:41 pm.

We are pleased to announce a successful move to Office 365. Office 365 has many of the same features as our previous system, but it looks and works differently. Take a bit of time to familiarize yourself with the interface and adjust your Settings to customize your experience.

Next Steps

  • If you have shared any of your email or calendars with others, you will need to set up new email and calendar shares in Office 365.
  • Re-create any Contact Lists, Rules (Filters), Signatures and Auto-reply/out-of-office messages.
  • If you’ve bookmarked any Zimbra servers (,, etc.) remove these bookmarks and create a new bookmark for
  • If you are using a desktop email client or have a mobile client or sync, remove it.  You can add a new mobile sync using the instructions above.  Look here to determine if you need to use a desktop client; please note, LITS is supporting only Outlook 2016 for desktops.

For a printable post-migration checklist, see: If you have questions, contact the Help Desk.


Known Migration Issues

  • Messages you recently deleted or moved in Zimbra will reappear in your Office 365 inbox and other folders; this may go back as far as 5-6 weeks. This is a result of migration and will not recur. Please move or delete these messages again.  This issue will not occur in your Calendar(s).
  • If you used Zimbra Calendar and frequently scheduled and rescheduled recurring (series) meetings, check to make sure times, dates, and invitees are appearing as expected. We have noticed that some exceptions to recurring meetings have not migrated correctly in our pilot.  Also, on occasion you may have unexpected results when rescheduling a migrated meeting, especially on a shared calendar.  Microsoft recommends re-creating these meetings or the affected meeting series.

New Behaviors to Expect

  • It can take some time for changes to settings, shares, etc. to take effect in the cloud. Usually this is a few minutes, but could occasionally be up to half an hour.  Wait a few minutes and check again or try logging out and in again.
  • Spam is processed differently in Office 365. Messages identified as spam are now in your Junk folder.
  • You are now able to restore deleted mail and other items. Simply right-click on your Deleted Items folder and choose Recover Deleted Items. Deleted items remain in this folder for 30 days, and are available to restore for an additional 30 days. Please note that LITS is unable to perform data restores in Office 365.
  • Microsoft refers to Office 365 as an “Evergreen Service”. Menus, features, and the service’s overall appearance will gradually change and improve; these changes are often unannounced. Documentation and other resources may not exactly match your current experience.

Learning Resources and Help

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