Launch of the Information Security Education Program

Posted October 17th, 2016 at 8:55 am.

Be an InfoSec Master!

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Today marks the launch of the College’s Information Security Education Program, providing all community members with an opportunity to master competencies pertinent to the security of the College’s sensitive data and their own; broad participation in the program will exponentially reduce the College’s security risk profile.

What does participation entail?

BadgeThe InfoSec Education Program consists of two components: viewing a series of short videos (created by SANS: Securing the Human) that focus on core information security topics and completing the Information Security Mastery Assessment. The assessment, which consists of multiple choice questions and interactive scenarios, is designed to allow you to self-evaluate your mastery of the Information Security Competencies. All materials will be delivered via Moodle (the College’s learning management system) within the Information Security Education Program course (see instructions below for accessing the course). Depending on your constituency and role, completing the full program will take between ~45-65 minutes to complete.

If you had completed the full InfoSec Education Program during 2015-2016, you are only responsible for completing the Mastery Assessment. If you did not complete the full program last year, you are responsible for completing the full program. If you’re not sure whether you completed the program last year or not, contact your supervisor or Dean for clarification.

All College community members are responsible for completing the program by 10/31.

How do I access the Information Security Education Program Moodle course?

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your BMC username (without the “ and password — click Log in
  3. All of the courses you have access to are listed on the left side of the screen under “My courses.” Locate and click on the course titled “Information Security Education Program 0xx” to enter the course








How do I complete the program?

Instructions for navigating and completing the materials are posted within the Information Security Education Program Moodle course. They’re also posted here for your convenience:

Instructions for Completing the InfoSec Ed Program
Title: Instructions for Completing the InfoSec Ed Program (0 click)
Filename: completing-the-infosec-ed-programv2.pdf
Size: 786 KB


If you experience any trouble accessing or navigating the Infosec Education Program, contact the Help Desk at or x7440.

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