SPSS and AMOS Licensing

Posted January 19th, 2017 at 12:08 pm.

We have been advised by IBM, the makers of SPSS that there is a problem with the way we currently provide this software.  Presently, the SPSS/AMOS license server (which manages the concurrent use of these products under our campus license) provides licenses for versions 19-24.  This is causing issues in performance and stability as well as issues with upgrades and adding new versions.  This means that when issues occur, SPSS and AMOS intermittently cannot be opened, or may operate with errors.  IBM recommends providing a maximum of two (2) versions at one time.

As of Monday, February 6, we will be providing licenses for only versions 23 and 24 of these products.  Going forward, we will provide IBM’s current version, and one previous version.  

If you are using version 22 or older of SPSS and/or AMOS, please contact the Help Desk (help@brynmawr.edu, x7447) ASAP to request an updated version.  If this change causes you particular concerns as applies to your teaching or research, please contact the Help Desk concerning that issue as well, and we will arrange a time to discuss your particular issue.

Please also keep in mind that in the future, you may need to update the version of SPSS you are using on your office or research computer more often.  Classrooms and public labs typically run the most recent versions of SPSS and AMOS.

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