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Posted March 16th, 2017 at 3:29 pm.

Friday Finds is back! Join us on any of six Fridays between now and the end of April for insights into the collection, glimpses into student work, research, and exhibition curation, and fascinating conversations with artists.

Mar 24, 12 noon – Artist Sigmund Abeles on Self-Portraiture
Exhibited artist Sigmund Abeles speaks about his self-portraiture practice (Rare Book Room, Canaday)

Mar 31, 3 pm – Cassie Paul (Class of 2018) on Songbooks in the College Archives
Museum Studies Fieldwork Seminar Praxis student introduces the rich connections she has found within the Bryn Mawr College songbook collection, especially in how they relate to the College’s major student traditions over the years.

Apr 7, 3pm – Maria Shellman (Class of 2017) on Cataloguing and Curating African Art and Donor Archives
Last summer’s Friends of the Library intern describes working with alumna Jane Martin’s gift of African art and her papers, from the moment these things entered collections to their first exhibitions (Coombe Suite Lobby, Canaday 2nd Floor)

Apr 14, 3pm – Artist Rachel Bliss on Self-Portraiture
Exhibited artist Rachel Bliss shares her self-portraiture practice and invites participants to try it too (Rare Book Room, Canaday)

Apr 21, 3pm – Student Curators offer public tour of Mirrors & Masks: Reflections and Constructions of the Self
Curators in the 360 course cluster Mirroring/Exhibiting the Self offer a tour of the exhibition they produced (Rare Book Room, Canaday)

Apr 28, 3pm – Discovering Medieval Manuscripts
Students from the course Discovering Medieval Manuscripts introduce books from our collection and describe the research they have done on them. (Canaday 205)

Sponsored by the Friends of the Bryn Mawr College Library.
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