LITS Recommends Google Chrome as Default Browser

Posted April 6th, 2017 at 11:02 am.

As of April 10, 2017, LITS will be recommending Google Chrome for Windows and macOS (formerly OS X) to community members.  Effective immediately, those using College computers can obtain Chrome from Software Center — if you are new to Chrome we recommend this option as it comes pre-configured with the LITS recommended settings to maximize your privacy.  For your own computer, you can download it from Google.  If you are installing on your own, please see our Recommended Settings.

Things to know:

  • You don’t need a Google account to use Chrome, and don’t have to sign into Chrome to use it.  Be aware that if you do sign in to Chrome with your personal Google account as it suggests, Google has an additional way to track your movements through the Internet.
  • You can move your Firefox bookmarks and history easily.  If you get stuck, give us a call.
  • If you already use Chrome on your College computer, the installation through Software Center will overwrite all of your bookmarks and settings.  Follow the recommended settings document instead.
  • Confused by Chrome or just want to know more?  Google’s Chrome Help Center is a great tool.

Although LITS had planned to announce this shift later in the year, changes to the Firefox browser causing difficulty with PDF viewing and other plug-in functionality has caused us to move up the timeline for this change.

LITS has historically recommended Firefox, and its predecessor, Mozilla.  In recent years, we have begun to have a number of small, nagging issues in Firefox, and Chrome has been growing in popularity both within the College and in the world. As you may know, we are often cautious about Google’s products given the large volume of information that they gather and retain about Internet users and customers of their many services.  As Chrome has matured, Google has provided us better options to help maintain privacy and minimize tracking.  Chrome is also now considered a major and supported browser by all of our core services such as Peoplesoft, Office 365, Moodle, etc.  We have also added The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s HTTPS Everywhere to our installer; this add-on makes sure your browsing happens over safer, encrypted connections wherever possible.

As always, we recognize that some community members may be required to use a particular browser with some sites, or that you may prefer a different browser.  However, if you are having an issue with a web-based tool and contact the Help Desk, you should expect to be asked to try Chrome.  Also, the next time you get a new computer or have major computer service, your technician will work to move you to Chrome if you’re not already there.

Questions?  Contact the Help Desk at 610-526-7440 or

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