Canaday Carrels: New Request Process

Posted August 1st, 2017 at 12:09 pm.

Canaday Library is refining the carrel policy for Fall 2017. Students will still submit a carrel application online, and will now be able to select their top choice for a carrel. The new carrel application will remove carrels from the list as they are selected by other students. Once a carrel has been assigned, students will be notified via email of the assignment and will have to come to the circulation desk in Canaday to sign a carrel agreement.

Please note that if multiple people submit their responses at the same instant, there’s a chance you will be asked to pick a different carrel. Priority will go to the first to hit “submit.” Students will be notified by circulation staff if that occurs.

The application form will serve as the record of which carrels are available. There is a blog featuring pictures and locations of all Canaday carrels at The blog is for informational purposes and will not be updated with which carrels are already assigned.

Patrons who require special accommodations with regards to carrel location, etc., should contact Access Services at or 610-526-7351.

Applications will be accepted starting on:

  • August 14: McBrides and undergraduate students who reside off campus
  • August 28: seniors, graduate students
  • October 1: all other interested students*

*Please note that in the past few years, we have run out of carrels and not every non-senior student who requested one was assigned one.

The carrel application will be available at: Requests sent early will be cancelled and need to be re-submitted after the listed date.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 610-526-5276.

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